With the constant changes in the building and construction industry, Albany ITM does its part in keeping our builders up to play with what’s happening. We provide the 6 issues of the ITM magazine 2 builders breakfasts along with several training seminars each year. All these combined enable our builders to earn the required points needed to maintain their license in their preferred profession.

Minimum Requirements

Carpentry, bricklaying, External plastering, foundations and roofing 24 points
Site and Design – area of practice 1 30 points
Site and Design – area of practice 2 & 3 36 points

Record keeping

You can record your points in a diary and complete the ‘record of skills maintenance’ form or you can use the online system provided by MBIE.

If you submit the skills maintenance points you have earned to date, shortly after the first year ends, you can earn one bonus point (you can only get 1 bonus point over the 2 year period).

The DBH also recommends that you keep evidence of your learning, for example the front cover of the magazine or a seminar attendance certificate.

For information on how to use the online system, see

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